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Firebase debug view

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Firebase debug view

Once installed, you're ready to start using Firebase Crashlytics in your Flutter Project. View the Usage documentation to get started. Edit this page. Previous « Core. Next.License URL; The Apache Software License, Version 2.0: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2..txt

Chapter 19 Firebase. This chapter discusses how to integrate and utilize the Firebase web service into a client-side application (using React). Firebase is a web service that provides tools and infrastructure for use in creating web and mobile apps that store data online in the cloud (a "web backend solution").The file that is located in the "keys" folder of the web project named "firebase_admin_sdk.json" needs to have your service account's private key in it. So first go back to the dashboard of your Firebase project. On the menu on the left side right next to Project Overview is a cog. Press it and go to the sub menu. Project Settings.Having obtained at least the debug SHA-1 fingerprint, it must now be added to the project within the Firebase console. Open the console within a browser window and select the Firebase Examples project. Click on the settings gear icon to the right of the Overview title in the left-hand panel and select Project settings from the resulting menu:If you think this is Firebase-related, I'd recommend that you simplify the app and create an mcve demonstrating this without all the extra interference. You can turn on debug logging to see exactly how and when the various Firebase events transpire:

In Firebase Crashlytics, you can view crashes and non-fatals by versions. Several of our customers take advantage of this filtering, especially to focus on their latest releases. ... by default - shows you the last 100 versions we have seen. If you have a lot of debug versions created by developers, and by continuous Integration and deployment ...