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Swissphone pager programming software

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Swissphone pager programming software

TEE-UU RING SMARTPHONE HOLSTER. Holster for safe transport of a smartphone or even a digital hand-held radio (HRT). The device compartment can be pre-set infinitely in depth and width to the size of the respective device. The construction ensures a tight fit and yet allows for quick insertion and removal of the device. More details. TEE-2858-9005.

der POCSAG Empfänger Swissphone DE700, DE900, DE910, DE920, DE925 und DE940. Zudem können bestimmte Funktionen des Pagers getestet werden. Im folgenden werden für allgemeingültige Funktionen die erwähnten Pager unter der Bezeichnung DE700/DE9xx zusammengefasst.

Swissphone paging produce robust pagers, design secure alerting networks and develop innovative software solutions. Their products and solutions support each and every stage of the alerting chain, from triggering an emergency call to coordination in the control centre right through to the transmission of alerts over the network and to the pagers.Swissphone S.Quad Programming Interface - East Coast Pagers. Swissphone s.Quad Programming Interface programs the s.Quad Voice, s.Quad X15, and s.Quad x35 Pagers; The interface ships with a USB cable and pager bracket; A windows computer is required to use the programming software; Note - There is a 5 day order processing time on this product.